The BC Group Online web service securely stores all BWOF documentation, plus detailed notes of actions taken by staff and IQP contractors. Our systems ensure clients are provided with transparent up-to-date building information, 24/7.

Building owner obligations

  • Obtain a compliance schedule where one is required under the Building Act.
  • Publicly display a compliance schedule statement in their building for the first 12-month period from the issue of the compliance schedule.
  • Ensure all the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures for the specified systems stated in the compliance schedule for their building have been carried out.
  • Engage an Independent Qualified Person (IQP) to undertake the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures listed on the compliance schedule and issue Form 12As.
  • Obtain a Form 12A certificate from their IQP verifying that the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures for each specified system have been fully complied with.
  • Provide the BWoF annually to the local council (ensuring the Form 12A certificates from their IQP(s) are attached) and publicly display a copy of this for the next 12 months.
  • Keep the compliance schedule in the location nominated on the compliance schedule statement and BWoF.

More information:

How we can help you

  • BWOF Management with our web based system.
  • Sub-contract IQP inspection of final exits, fire and smoke separation and signage.
  • Sub-contract IQP inspections of Sprinklers, Fire alarms, Back-flows, Lifts, Air Conditioning etc. (Active systems).
  • Sub-contract Evacuation specialists.
  • Building owners inspection requirements, check sheets and records online.
  • The co-ordination and collection of the IQP maintenance contractor annual reports and 12a documents.
  • Issuing an annual report to the building owner.
  • Newsletters and advice to building owners on leases and contract documents.

It is this blend of expertise and motivation that is the driving force of our success at BC Group. Whatever your needs, we can help find the solutions.

Our website is one important link in that process so please browse our site and contact us if you require any further information.

Web services

Our BC Group Online web service provides Clients, IQP Contractors, Councils and Inspectors 24/7 access up-to-date building information.

Key benefits include:

  • Available to Clients, IQP Contractors, FM Contractors, Councils and Inspectors.
  • IQP Contractors can easily manage the building systems that they are maintaining and upload completed Form 12a documentation.
  • IQP Contractors can plan a date for the last inspection before the BWOF due date. Clients can view these dates.
  • Our inspectors enter the inspection reports online.
  • BC Group office staff publish all reports and important building documentation online, including Fire engineers, Evacuation Schemes, Surveys, Floor plans, TA audits, Form12, Form11, Form12a etc.
  • Clients are able to upload and securely store various documents for each of their buildings including EQ Assessment, Fire Engineer Report, Evacuation Schemes, Floor Plan, Safety Audits, Tenant leases, As-built drawings, Food Hygiene Compliance reports, Safety reports and Emergency contact details for the police or fire service.
  • Clients can access their building details online.
  • Clients can see our progress for the issue of the Building Warrant of Fitness on time.
  • Clients can be advised via email when they need to address a problem.
  • Clients can access their annual reports should council require a copy.
  • Clients can update known hazards, on-site contacts and add notes about their IQP contractors for each of their buildings.
  • Current and archived reports are available 24/7 to our Clients.


Our insurance brokers have arranged $10M PI (consulting) and $10M PL (accident) insurance.

Please watch the following videos below for a demonstration.

Client Access to Building Details & Specified Systems

IQP Contractor Access to Building Details & Uploading a Form 12A

Inspector Access to Building Details & Monthly Inspections

Client Comments

“I would just like to bring to your attention the great performance work that is being done for Foodstuffs by Julia Egan of BC Group in the field of compliance. The requirements can be very frustrating, demanding and thankless. Julia has always delivered a great support to myself and Foodstuffs in the area of compliance and is to be commended for the extra mile and tireless efforts that are being performed on the management of our account on a daily basis.”

Henry Taylor
Building Compliance Manager
Foodstuffs North Island

“Now that I’ve come to grips with it (old dog new tricks), I really like the new system. It has a nice clean layout and being able to attach photos makes our operation a very professional service to our clients. So well done to all involved in the new design.”

Don Wilson
Building Inspector

“Again I wish to mention how impressed I am with BC Group, their cooperation and assistance, their knowledge and experience and also the great website BC Group has, which is always up to date. You have no idea how that website helps us BMC’s with information, contacts and addresses. Great work guys. Very impressive.”

Frans van der Westhuizen
Auckland City

“TPF Restaurants have used the services of BC Group since 1996. They carry out all of our IQP work on the 70 restaurants operated by Burger King nationwide. During that time we have found them to provide an excellent service, it is refreshing to deal with a company that treats its customers with respect and that goes that extra mile to ensure that the customer receives a service level that is expected.”

Michael Parkinson
TDP Group

“The online system is fantastic that simplifies the management of the BWOF process whilst holding a full audit trail of events and documentation on line – viewable to the client and ourselves. I thoroughly recommend you taking the time to look at the system and its benefits.”

R Shaw

“Thanks Ladies…brilliant service from your team again Carolyn!”

Sandy Innes
Barak Investments Limited